Long Distance Movers You Will Love

We aim to please. We may be Iowa City-born, raised, and based, but long distance moves are our bread and butter. That hometown feel is what makes moving long distance with us so great — it’s the comfort and camaraderie of moving with friends, but better (you won’t have to buy us pizza and beer afterward).

What makes us the best long distance moving company? Sure, our expertly-led teams of movers and drivers use professional packing and delivery methods to make even the most stressful long-distance move seem simple and easy. But what makes us truly unique is the small company, boutique touch we bring to every long distance move. We’re a rare thing in the moving industry: a small, locally owned, award-winning moving company that also performs long distance moves all across the country, from Tacoma, Washington to Warwick, Rhode Island.

The big-box movers are part of a national network of companies and drivers, so they often don’t know who the load or delivery crew will be on your move, whether or not your possessions will get transferred from one truck to another mid-move for the sake of higher profit margins, or even when they’ll make delivery until a day or two before they show up. When you hire us to perform your long distance move, you know that the same experienced, full-time crew who load your things in Iowa will unload your possessions in, say, Houston. You know that once your possessions are loaded onto our truck they’ll stay on our truck for the duration of the trip, safe and secure. And you know that should you have any questions or concerns, or something isn’t quite right, you’ll be working with one of the most honest and ethical small local business in Iowa, instead of navigating multiple departments in one or more corporations spread across the country.

We’re not the best choice for everyone moving long distance, of course. But if you’re looking for a kind, ethical, local touch for your long distance move, we’d be honored to work with you.

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How much will a long distance move cost?

If you’re moving across state lines, we charge by weight and distance. In order to give you an accurate cost estimate for your move, we’ll perform a free on-site survey where we’ll walk through your entire residence and create an accurate move inventory. We’ll use this inventory to estimate the weight of your shipment and give you a cost quote for your move.  On move day, we’ll weigh the truck before we arrive at your residence and then weigh it again after loading to determine the actual weight and charges. We strive to make our quotes fair and easy to understand, so contact us for a free estimate. We’ll follow up by email or phone after receiving your information.

You can read some of our 5-star reviews from interstate moving customers on Google, Yelp, Movers.com, Moving.com, Facebook, Moving Authority, Smith, and U-Ship.

Of course, we’re also fully licensed, bonded and insured: USDOT-1471037 MC-556716

5-Star Moving Reviews - Spine Moving

Will you help pack and store our things?

In addition to offering full service door-to-door moves across the country, we also offer full packing, crating, and storage services. When it comes to packing, we do it all, from Tiffany lamps to fine china to high end audio components. We’ve got the training, experience, and top-quality boxes and materials to keep your irreplaceable and extraordinary value items safe and sound on their cross-country journey. And we can do as much or as little packing as you like, from just the art work hanging on the walls to every single item in the house, including all those paper clips at the bottom of your junk drawer in the kitchen.

If you’ve got an especially valuable piece of artwork or an especially large mirror or piece of glass, we’re happy to custom crate it for you to make sure it’s extra protected. Charges are based on overall crate dimensions and we’ll gladly work up a quote for your during the in-home survey.

And if you’ve got some time to kill in between your move out and move-in dates, we’ll be happy to store your belongings in our climate controlled warehouse. Storage charges and associated labor costs are based on shipment weight, and we can pro-rate your charges down to the day.


How do I prepare for a long distance move?

You know what they say: an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of packing tape.  Long-distance moves require a longer timeline than a standard local move — luckily, we have the experience to make your long distance move go as smoothly as possible.  Whether it’s your first move across state lines or you’re a 16-move veteran (and considering how often military personnel move, that means you’re more than likely an actual veteran), this info is worth keeping in mind.

One to Two Months Before ✓

Like any other move, call us first for an estimate.  In order to give you an accurate cost estimate for your move, we’ll perform a free on-site survey where we’ll walk through your home and create an accurate move inventory. We’ll use this inventory to estimate the weight of your shipment and give you a cost quote for your move. If you’d like additional services or if the unique circumstances of your move require additional labor or special equipment, we’ll discuss that with you and include those services in our estimate. Additional services and special circumstances include things like:

  • Packing services. If you’d like us to pack all your boxes or just the kitchen, we can work up a specialized quote whatever your needs are.
  • Storage. If you’ve got a week or more between, say, a home closing in Iowa and a home closing in Arizona, then we can store your possessions short- or long-term in our climate controlled warehouse. Charges are based on weight and we pro-rate to the day.
  • Full Value Coverage. If you’d like some extra assurance for your long distance move, we offer full damage protection for every budget, with $0, $250, and $500 deductibles. You might already be covered under your home insurance policy, so be sure to check with your agent.
  • Special care items. If any of your belongings–grand pianos, glass cabinets, large pieces of exercise equipment requiring complicated disassembly, priceless antiques passed down in your family for generations – require special care and protection, we’ll note that in our estimate and additional charges might apply.
  • Vehicles, motorcycles, or other large bulky items. We can transport these items for you but additional charges apply.
  • Unique home access issues at either end. This can include very long driveways (some can be over a half mile long!), 37th floor apartments with elevator access, or homes in gated communities that tractor trailers can’t, or aren’t allowed to, access. If access issues require additional labor and equipment (like small trucks to shuttle a shipment from tractor trailer to home), we’ll include those charges in the estimate.
  • Extra Stops. We’d be happy to make additional stops to pick up or drop off items either at the origin or destination (a stop at a personal storage unit is most common.)

Once you’ve decided to work with us on your move, reserve your dates as soon as possible – we’re first-come, first-served for reservations so the sooner you book the more likely you’ll get the exact date you want. We’ll be in touch by email and phone as your move approaches with additional info and tips, but please reach out with any questions you have any time.

Now is also a good time to take inventory of your belongings if you haven’t already done that for your home insurance policy. Use your phone or camera to take pictures or video, and make a list of the serial numbers on electronic items.  In the event that something should happen–though we doubt it will–you’ll be better prepared to file a claim.

This is also the best time to begin decluttering and downsizing for your move. Remember, the more you pare down those hardly-ever-used items packed away in closets and storage spaces, the less your move will cost and the more space you’ll have at your new home!

At Least Two Weeks Before ✓

Moving day is coming up fast–use this time to update us on any changes in your plans, including adding services like packing or crating. This will also be prime packing time – if you’re doing your own packing of boxes, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Pack room-by-room, keeping similar items together.
  • Label boxes with your last name, the date, the room where it’s going at your new home (on the top and at least one side), and a brief summary of contents.
  • Leave clothes in dresser drawers and hang clothes in wardrobe boxes.

A complete list of packing tips like this can be found here. It’s also a good idea to separate out important papers and documents (think birth certificates and passports) and other high-value items you’ll want with you for safekeeping. If you’re selling or donating unwanted items, now is also the time to make those arrangements.

Day or Two Before Loading Day ✓

A day or two before loading day, we’ll check in via phone or email to make sure everything’s set to go.  We’re thorough like that. Here’s a list of other tasks to consider right before the big day:

  • Consolidate luggage, toiletries, essential teddy bears and other items your family will be taking with you in your personal vehicle in one area of your home.
  • Collect things like checkbooks, keys, passports, plane tickets, and prescription medications so that they don’t inadvertently get packed and loaded onto the truck.
  • Identify furniture that is fragile or weakened by previous damage so that you can bring it to our attention on move day.
  • Mark large items that are staying behind (things like furniture that’s been sold with the house) so that your crew doesn’t load them on moving day.
  • Unplug, defrost, drain, and dry refrigerators and freezers.
  • Drain gasoline from mowers, generators, and snow blowers.
  • Disconnect propane tank from gas grill. Your movers will not be able to transport the tank on moving day.
  • Clear walkways, steps, and drive during inclement weather.

Long Distance Moving: Load Day ✓

Your crew leader will call en-route to let you know your crew is on the way, giving you plenty of time and peace of mind.  Since your charges are based on the actual weight of your belongings, the crew will weigh the truck en-route and then reweigh the truck after they load up. Once the crew tallies the final charges, we’ll send them to you right away via email or text.

Your crew will work closely with you on load day to make sure everything that you’re leaving behind stays put, everything that’s going to your new home makes it safely onto the truck, and that all your possessions are given the exact preparation and packaging they need to stay safe and sound in transit. Before the crew leaves, they’ll do one final walkthrough with you to make sure everything’s been completed to your satisfaction. You’ll get your crew leader’s mobile number at this time, so if you should need to reach him at any point before the unload with questions or concerns, he’ll be a text or phone call away. Our goal is to make your move as smooth as possible, so please let us know how we can help.

Long Distance Moving: Delivery Day ✓

Your crew leader will update you on his progress the afternoon or evening before your delivery and give you an ETA for the next day. On the day of the delivery, he’ll call when he’s en route, just to give you a little time to prepare for your joyous reunion with all your possessions. Your crew will gently place furniture and boxes exactly where you want them in your new home, and reassemble any furniture they took apart for transport. The only thing they won’t do is make your bed, though if you asked nicely they’d probably do that, too – and put a mint on your pillow for extra points. Once the truck is unloaded, they’ll walk through your home with you one final time, just to be sure everything’s exactly the way you want it. Then the crew leader will have you sign the paperwork for a job well done and collect payment.

Happily Ever After ✓

The dust has settled, most of the boxes are unpacked, and you’re no longer waking up confused about where you are: Congratulations, you’ve successfully relocated! But we absolutely want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your move.  We’ll send you a performance survey via email.  To thank you for taking the time to complete it, we’ll donate $10 to the local charity of your choice. If something wasn’t quite right, we won’t rest until we make it so. We promise.

Our mission is to make sure your experience lives up to your wildest dreams, as long as you dream of worry-free and efficient moving. We hope we have the privilege of working with you on your long distance move!

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