Cliff Wallace

Crew Leader

Adamantine Spine Cliff Wallace


If the Spine offered an award for the number of miles driven in a year, CLIFF WALLACE would win by a landslide and nobody else would come close. A three-year Spine veteran, Cliff earned his long-haul trucker (class-A) license in 2015 and spends most of his time behind the wheel of ASM’s formidable 18-wheeler, the Black Eagle. Born in Arkansas and raised in Oklahoma and Des Moines, Cliff eventually moved to Iowa City where he (slowly) earned a degree in ethics and public policy.

In 2011, Cliff served a year with the U.S. Army in Joint Base Ballad, Iraq—just twenty minutes north of Baghdad. He won’t tell you what exactly he did there, but he will tell you it was surreal and bizarre to watch VIP-carrying Blackhawks fly in and out of the opulent Al-Faw palace—once Saddam Hussein’s nest egg, but now known as “Victory Base Camp.” While he was on tour he spent two weeks of R&R in Australia with his girlfriend scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, rafting level five rapids, skydiving and blowing all his cash on facials, jumbo prawns and piña coladas.

If you don’t want to talk about the weather, you can talk to Cliff about anything else. He can do the wave with his eyebrows and he owns a one-eyed beagle named Wink.

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