Jim Walsh

Crew Leader

Adamantine Spine Jim Walsh

“If you can get on the same crew with Jim, your day is guaranteed to not suck,” multiple people have said multiple times. JIM WALSH, originally from Des Plaines, IL (a random Chicago burb), is a second-year up-and-comer at Adamantine Spine. Even though he’s pursuing a degree in mathematics at the University of Iowa, you wouldn’t guess it—he neither looks nor acts like a nerd. You might, however, be able to guess that he’s back at it for his seventh year, and counting. Sometimes known as ASM’s “Van Wilder,” he describes himself as “easy rolling” and “down to earth.” Though not as good as Milosch or Mike, he loves playing video games and volleyball in his free time. A competitive problem solver, he is always trying to make people laugh. When “all of this is over,” Jim anticipates a career as a math teacher. A jack of all trades, his success is likely; he’s already had successful stints as a welder, estimator, locksmith, and, of course, as a mover.

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