Kyle Wright

Crew Leader

A five-star recruit from a job he didn’t have, KYLE WRIGHT began working at Spine nearly three years ago and has become one of its most integral and inspirational crew leaders. A native of the suburbs of West Des Moines, Kyle (sometimes called Ky-Wry) served a year in Iraq for the U.S. Army before resettling in the Iowa City area. Above sub-par at pool, Kyle once dreamed of becoming a professional billiards player before an adolescent skateboard accident left him with a broken thumb, from which his shot never fully recovered. In his spare time, Kyle loves to go pheasant hunting with his younger brother and send Snapchats. A self-proclaimed critic of the pork tenderloin sandwich, Kyle hopes to finish his goal of trying this dish from every place that serves it in Johnson County. He is an optimistic and diehard fan of the Chicago Cubs, of which, yet again, he believes that this year is the year. He is allergic to cats.

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