Mike McNutt

Crew Leader

Adamantine Spine Mike McNutt

By far the Spine’s longest working workhorse, MIKE MCNUTT, hails from West Branch Iowa and rarely goes back. A graduate of Kirkwood College with a degree in surgical technology, he now applies these skills to carefully rearranging the furniture and lives of the countless customers he moves yearly. With nearly a decade of moving for Spine, Mike has moved thousands of families across Iowa and the United States. One of his most memorable moves was a recent trip to Port Isabel, Texas, about 20 minutes from the southern-most city in the continental U.S. It was the first time he had seen the ocean.

Before he joined the Spine, Mike worked as an EMT and as a “sandwich artist” at Subway, a period of his life he talks about with noticeable pain. A self-proclaimed hybrid of “man & machine,” he can talk about anything except sports and he is afraid of nothing except heights. In his spare time he maintains a healthy, yet rigorous gaming regimen, currently pouring his time and talent into Warhammer 40k. He’s not horrible. In the rest of his time he draws, reads and forgets to budget or check his phone. His favorite foods are skittles and caffeine.

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