Taylor Roth

Crew Leader

Adamantine Spine Taylor Roth

Hailing from Camanche, IA, TAYLOR ROTH first attended Ashford University in San Diego to play basketball, before coming back to Iowa to finish his degree in Interdepartmental Studies; he graduated in 2015. At 6’1” Taylor is interchangeably talented as a shooting guard and a small forward. Mostly an NBA junkie (his favorite team is the Bulls but his favorite player is LeBron), Taylor once broke his ankle after driving through the lane for a reverse windmill dunk—only to land badly on an opponent’s outstretched foot. Ask him about it sometime. He’ll also tell you all about his size sixteen feet, how he expected to be upwards of 6’8”, but is still working on that. Taylor has been working at ASM for one year. Despite his size, he is scared to death of bugs, beetles and bees.

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