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Moving to or from Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Make Adamantine Spine your Cedar Rapids moving company by requesting a free estimate or calling us at 319-339-4640 Monday through Saturday.

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Our second location is used more for storing trucks and equipment than having meetings, but if you want to find us in Cedar Rapids, here’s where we are! If you have any questions about your move to or from Cedar Rapids, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Our Cedar Rapids History

We’re proud to be part of a growing community that caters to driven, creative, and hard-working people. Adamantine Spine Moving has been a household name in Eastern Iowa for more almost two decades. While Adamantine Spine Moving’s flagship location is in Iowa City, we saw a need for quality, honest Cedar Rapids movers open up in the past few years. The Cedar Rapids location was born from there.

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Moving to Cedar Rapids?

Welcome! If you’re planning to move to Cedar Rapids, we’re here to make that process as seamless as possible. We’ll handle the boxes, but here are a few other steps that you’ll need to take to settle your family into your new home. Also, be sure to check out our moving checklist!


In Iowa’s unpredictable weather, you’ll want to have your electricity in place to have your air conditioning and heating available when you need it. Cedar Rapid’s most popular energy companies are:

Local School Districts

Whether you’ve already committed to a new home in Cedar Rapids or you’re just starting to look, knowing that your kids will be getting a great education is important. To help you make heads or tails of Cedar Rapids Community Schools district boundaries, we’ve included some helpful maps below:


Before you move into your Cedar Rapids home, you’ll want to make sure that your utilities are set up through the City of Cedar Rapids. Visit the City of Cedar Rapids website to start your utilities for your new home.


You can go about getting Internet and cable set up in Cedar Rapids through many providers. Some of the more popular Internet and Cable providers in Cedar Rapids include:

Popular Things To Do

Cedar Rapids is a vibrant and growing community that always has activities and events for you and your family to attend. The city is full of great things to do, whether you’re looking to check out one of the Cedar Rapids’s top restaurants or attend one of many events in the New Bohemia arts district. Here are a few resources that will help you get started:

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I'm Moving From Cedar Rapids, Now What?

If you’re ready to move away from Cedar Rapids, there are a few things that you’re going to want to take into consideration before the big move.

Changing Mailing Address

You’re going to want to officially change your address with the US Postal Service before changing it across the web. You can all set a forwarding address for any mail that might still come to your Cedar Rapids address. Once your mailing address has been changed with the post office, you’re going to want to update your address with your bank and any institutions who send you monthly bills or statements.

Updating Drivers License
And License Plate

You’ll want to make sure that your driver’s license is up to date before you start driving in your new town. Find out how to update your driver’s license and license plates with your new address on the DMV website.

Turning Off/Transferring Utilities

Turning off your utilities in your Cedar Rapids home is as easy as going on the City of Cedar Rapid’s website. If you’re interested in turning off or transferring your electricity, you’ll have to contact your service provider which is most likely MidAmerican Energy or Alliant Energy.

Transferring Internet/Cable

Whether you’re with Mediacom, CenturyLink, ImOn Communications, or Big Dog TV & Internet, you’ll want to make sure that your service gets turned off in your Cedar Rapids home before you move. Check with your service provider to see if they can continue service in your new location, or if you will have to get set up with a new service provider in your new town.

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