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We know all too well that moving is hard.

There are leases to sign or homes to buy and sell, addresses to change and services to cancel, friends and colleagues to say good-bye to (if you’re moving far away), and, of course, lots and lots of things to check off your to-do list.

Like finding a moving company you can trust. A moving company with integrity, one that guarantees satisfaction to its customers, rewards its hardworking employees, and gives back to its community. With movers who are skillful, kind, and hard-working, who will take great care of you and your possessions as they shepherd you from old home to new.  We’re Adamantine Spine Moving. Our mission? To be kind, do great work, and make you happy.

Moving from Cedar Rapids?

We’re proud to be part of a growing community that caters to driven, creative, and hard-working people. Our Cedar Rapids movers can help you with your move to or from the area, and make a stressful time as smooth-sailing as possible.

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Moving from Iowa City?

The entire Adamantine Spine Moving crew is full of people who love Iowa City and want to help make your transition moving to or from the area as smooth as possible.

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Moving from Des Moines?

We are thrilled to have our newest location in Des Moines! We’re ready to help make sure your transition moving to or from the central Iowa area is as smooth as possible.

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