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A New Local Carbon
Offset Program

As household movers who travel thousands of miles and burn thousands of gallons of fuel a year, we know our business has “hidden” environmental costs — we contribute to pollution and climate change but don’t directly pay for the damage we do. Every gallon of conventional diesel we burn releases 22 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere, but not a single cent of climate change impacts are included in the per-gallon cost. Doesn’t seem quite fair.

So what do we do about it? In addition to using 100% biodiesel made from locally sourced waste vegetable oil, we purchase home-grown Iowa carbon offsets to partially or completely mitigate the climate impact of your move. Priced at $30 per metric ton of carbon, these offsets support home energy efficiency improvements right here in Iowa, making your move more climate friendly.

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Doing Our Best To Do Right By You, Our Community, And Our Environment

How Tags For Miles Works

In an attempt to further reduce our environmental impact, we’ve implemented a carbon off-set program called Tags for Miles.

Purchase Carbon Offsets

Offered in partnership with the Winneshiek Energy District, the Tags for Miles program gives you the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets (or Oneota Tags) to reduce the environmental impact of your move.

Fund Energy Efficiency Projects

This is an entirely local carbon offset program in our state; by purchasing Oneota Tags, you’ll help fund home energy efficiency projects in the Decorah area, thereby offsetting the carbon emissions from your move.

We'll Match You!

And to help encourage you, we’ll match you tag for tag: for every tag you purchase (equal to one ton of carbon), we’ll purchase an additional tag. We’re really excited about the program, and we hope you will be too!

Want To Participate?

Please let us know you’re interested in participating at least one-week prior to your move date and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

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