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Turn Referrals Into Local Rewards

With the new Adamantine Spine moving Local Referral Program, you can become a preferred partner and not only help your clients, but also earn gift certificates to some of the best local businesses in your area.

We Take Care Of Your Clients

Are you a realtor, property manager, retirement facility operator, or building contractor? You can have peace of mind when you refer your clients in need of moving services to Adamantine Spine. We'll make you look great by taking exceptional care of your customers from first phone call to final walk-through. With great communication, skillful service, and a compassionate approach to all we do, we'll make your customers grateful you sent them to us.

We Take Care Of You

After we complete the move for your client, we'll send you your reward, a gift certificate to a local business in your area. Choose from a curated selection of local restaurants, breweries, and shops. Then treat yourself, or treat one of your clients and keep the rewards flowing!

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Join our professional referral program today and start earning rewards!

How It Works: It's Simple

1. Refer A Client

Do you have a client in need of packing, storage, or moving services that you can't provide? You can still make sure they receive the same great service you would provide if you were a mover (it's not as bad as it sounds!) by referring them to Spine Moving! Please provide us with the following information:

2. Get Rewarded

Once we have your client's contact info, our team will reach out to them to better understand their moving needs. After the move has been completed, you'll receive a gift certificate of your choice from a curated selection of the finest local businesses in the area. Use it for yourself or pass it on to one of your clients to keep the rewards flowing!

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Tags For Miles

In attempt to further reduce our environmental impact, we've implemented a carbon off-set program to give you the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the environmental impact of your move.

Our Green Initiatives

As an eco-friendly moving company, we believe owning and running a business brings with it the responsibility to do right by our coworkers, our customers, our neighbors, and the environment.

Long-Distance Moving

We may be Iowa City - born, raised, and based, but long distance moves are our bread and butter. That hometown feel is what makes moving long distance with us so great - it's the comfort of moving with friends.