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What's our secret sauce? Our people, of course! From our uber patient and hyper-attentive to every detail service staff, to our mighty, moxie-filled movers, we've got some of the most hard-working and good-natured folks you'd ever want to invite into your home. We're so grateful to get to work with each of every one of them, and we're absolutely confident you will be too!

Spine Spotlight

While the company - and the industry as a whole - is predominantly male, these three females play a big part in ensuring Spine's processes run smoothly both behind the scenes and on the job sites. From customer service to social media - Sarah, Brooke, and Emily share a host of responsibilities that keep the company moving. Empowering women is just another part of what makes the Spine such a great place to work! 💪

Spine moving social media and marketing team Sarah Brooke And Emily
Eric Jones, owner of Spine Moving

Eric Jones


William Bill Hoke owner spine moving

William (Bill) Hoke


Spine moving crew leader mike mcnutt

Mike McNutt

Crew Leader

spine moving crew leader Cliff Wallace

Cliff Wallace

Crew Leader

spine moving crew leader Kyle Wright

Kyle Wright

Crew Leader

spine moving crew leader taylor roth

Taylor Roth

Crew Leader

Spine moving crew leader Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh

Crew Leader


Dalton Timp

Crew Leader and Tractor Trailer Driver


Tyler Timp

Crew Leader

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Tags For Miles

In attempt to further reduce our environmental impact, we've implemented a carbon off-set program to give you the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the environmental impact of your move.

Our Green Initiatives

As an eco-friendly moving company, we believe owning and running a business brings with it the responsibility to do right by our coworkers, our customers, our neighbors, and the environment.

Long-Distance Moving

We may be Iowa City - born, raised, and based, but long distance moves are our bread and butter. That hometown feel is what makes moving long distance with us so great - it's the comfort of moving with friends.