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Library Moving

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Safely Relocate Your Collections With Care & Precision

We've worked with some of the largest libraries in the state, relocating collections to storage to make room for the new. With ample book carts and special records crates, we've got the equipment to make sure your move is safe, well-organized and efficient. And if you need temporary or long-term storage, we've got a secure, climate-controlled facility to safely and securely hold your collections.

Our Areas of Expertise

We're happy to help with any of your collections relocation needs, from inter-library moves to installations to storage.

Collections moving

We've got crews from two to twenty strong that can handle any collections move, big or small.

Staff Office Moving

And we don't just move books and artifacts. We can handle your inter-library office moves as well, on-time and under budget.

Storage systems Installations

We can perform collections storage system installations, too, either as part of a collections move or as a stand-alone project.

Short & Long Term Storage Solutions

We can provide short or long-term storage for your collections in our safe and secure, climate controlled warehouse.

IT Relocation

In collaboration with your IT department, we're happy to provide IT equipment relocation services.

Remodeling Assistance

We can provide short-term storage for office equipment or collections for library renovations.

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Trust Spine Moving To treat your Collections with Professional Care

Advantages Of Working With
Spine Moving Company

Uniformed, professionally trained crews, impeccable organization, and a kind, courteous touch are the hallmarks of an Adamantine Spine move. We promise that we'll communicate with you every step of the way, that we'll stay on schedule, and that we'll keep your costs under budget. You've got an important job to do: let us help you manage your collections move.

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Eliminate Any Damage

Reduce Labor Costs

Efficient & Timely Service

Impeccable Organization