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Moving is stressful — we know, we’ve been doing it a long time. There’s so much more that goes into a move than brown boxes and a truck, and trying to keep track of it all can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve created the Adamantine Spine Moving Checklist: a complete collection of what to do and when to do it. Not only will it streamline your packing process, but it gives you the freedom to focus on the important things, like convincing your kids that their stuffed animals are looking forward to riding in the moving truck.

Checklist Before Moving:

One-To-Two Months Before Moving Day

Two Weeks Before

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Planning For Moving Day

You know how the saying goes: An ounce of planning is worth a pound of packing tape. Moving your entire household isn't quite as complex as a moon landing, but it can sometimes feel like it. It's best to follow a careful plan that will keep you on track for a gentle touch down at your new home.

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We're Iowa City born and raised and might always be a little partial to the Hawks, but we've matured and learned to branch out: First to Cedar Rapids with it's New Bohemian charms, and now to Des Moines, where Spine veterans Cliff and Emily Wallace are introducing us to their hometown.