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Who We Are

We’ve got degrees in Criminal Justice and Music and History. We’re massage therapists and comic book makers and math whizzes. We might even bore you with arcane facts about little-known or long-forgotten Civil War Generals.

We’re movers by chance but also by choice. We love the physical challenge, the team work, the righteous feeling of a tired body at the end of a hard day’s work. We love that each day is different, love seeing fast progress in our work, love the simple pleasure of carrying out every task, no matter how small, with skill and care.

Maybe most importantly, we love meeting new people, setting them at ease, and making a small but important difference in their lives during a stressful time. And, of course, we love all the thanks and appreciation we get. (After all, we’re only human!)

More Than Movers

Moving may be our job, but we believe there is more to life than just working for the money. We believe in giving back, not just to the community, but to our planet too.

Our Green-Initiative

As an eco-friendly moving company, we believe owning and running a business brings with it the responsibility to do right by our coworkers, our customers, our neighbors, and the environment.

Tags For Miles

In an attempt to further reduce our environmental impact, we've implemented a carbon off-set program to give you the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the environmental impact of your move.

Community Support

We do our best to be the kind of business that helps sustain a healthy community: skillful, fair, kind, and honest. We show up on time, work safely and quickly, and make sure we give people good value for their investment.

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Meet Your Movers

When you hire Adamantine Spine Moving, you’re not just hiring movers—you’re hiring individuals with degrees in Criminal Justice, Music, or History who support our community, the planet, and your priceless things.

Spine Spotlight

Congratulations to these two for representing the Spine during the IMT Des Moines Marathon today! Former employee Nick Summerfelt (left) and Des Moines branch co-owner Cliff Wallace killed it, both finishing the 26.2-mile run in less than four hours. Way to keep moving on your day off, guys! 🏃🏃

Our History

It all started back in 2002 with a gift. Mark Peters, philanthropist and software programmer, gave Eric Jones the moving business he’d founded: Adamantine Spine Moving. (Peters wanted the name of his moving company to be clever and to come first in the phone book: check and check.)

Eric had just finished his MFA in Nonfiction Writing at the University of Iowa and, after spending three years exploring his thoughts and feelings on paper, he was ready to light out for the territories as a household mover.
movers unload boxes from moving truck
A couple of years and hundreds of moves later, Eric hired William (Bill) Hoke, a starry-eyed history major with a voracious appetite for Civil War documentaries and a passion for performing feats of physical strength and endurance. (His current challenge is to travel to every county in the United States, a total of 3,141.) Helpful hint: Ask for a discount if you’re moving to a county he hasn’t visited yet.

Bill became co-owner a short while later and, with his many talents in operations, accounting, and legal compliance (not to mention labeling and color-coding), helped lead Spine Moving through 15 years of growth.

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