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Small-to-Large Scale Furniture Moving

Is a Davenport by any other name - sofa, couch, settee, divan, chesterfield - still a Davenport? Let the philosophers argue over that as long as they want, and we'll take caring of moving that sofa safely and efficiently wherever you want it to go. We've got the top-notch crew, the right tools and equipment, and the decades of know-how to move your furniture right.

movers load a couch onto moving truck

Planning & Protection

  • Walk through your furniture move inventory with one of our experts
  • Highlight pieces with special prep and handling needs, like a grandfather clock
  • Receive an honest estimate
  • Disassembly and protection of all furniture
  • Expert handling with the right equipment

Transit, Delivery, and Peace of Mind

  • Air-ride trucks for gentle transport
  • Well-trained, safe, and courteous drivers
  • On-time delivery with a call before arrival
  • Skillful unloading and reassembly
  • Home door, molding, and floor protection
  • Removal and disposal of protection supplies
  • Satisfaction follow up
mover removes moving items off moving truck

You Deserve The Best Moving Company

Right Preparation, Proper handling, and Safe Transit for you Furniture

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