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Packing You Can Trust

Don't have the time or the mojo to pack your boxes, or unpack at your new home? We can do as much or as little as you like, from a fragiles-only pack to a complete full house pack and unpack. (We'll even put things away in cupboards if you ask, but most people want to handle that themselves.) Our packing experts will make quick work of an oft-dreaded task, with skill, efficiency and a smile.

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Specialized Packing

Of course. we pack all of your standard household items, like books, clothes, and pots and pans. But we've also got the specialized boxes and supplies to pack your more-than-ordinary items, from that 7-foot-wide oil painting in your living room, to the crystal chandelier that you couldn't bear to part with in your living room. Flat panel TVs and hanging clothes? They get their own special boxes, too. All the right boxes for the job makes a move smooth and easy.

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Packing Boxes

We offer new boxes made from 90% post consumer content, but we also reuse most of our moving boxes at least twice. If you'd like us to provide boxes and supplies so that you can pack yourself, just let us know if you'd prefer brand new or gently used. We'll also pick up your used boxes for free once you're finished with them. Please flatten all boxes and no garbage or non-standard moving boxes please.

Flat-Screen TV's

Base removed and packed in our foam-lined reusable wooden TV crates.


Wrapped and double padded in double-walled corrugated boxes.

Glass or Marble Items

Wrapped and packed in padded crates.


Triple-ply paper wrapped, edge and corner padded, and packed in telescoping cardboard mirror/picture boxes.

Artwork & Sculptures

Wrapped in foam and/or triple-ply paper and custom crated or packed in double-walled boxes or mirror boxes.

Floor Lamps

Best packed in lamp boxes to avoid damage to delicate threads at joints.

Some Items That Call For Special Packing

If you do the packing yourself, you might consider having us help you with particularly delicate or hard-to-pack items to make sure your belongings stay completely protected during your move. Those fragile and hard-to-pack items include:

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Packing For More Common Household Items

We love packing your fragile china and high value artwork, but we can also take care of your more common household packing needs as well. We've got the skilled, trained packers to make short work of a task that might take you days or even weeks. Let us know how we can help with your packing needs!

Pots & Pans

Paper wrapped and packed in single-walled corrugated boxes that can hold up to 35 pounds.


Paper and/or bubble wrapped and packed in double-walled cardboard boxes.


Packed in single-walled cardboard boxes, 1.5 cubic foot, keeping weight below 30 lbs per box.


Packed in single-walled medium-sized cardboard boxes.


Packed in single-walled medium and large cardboard boxes.


24-inch wide single-walled wardrobe boxes, 1 for every 2 linear feet of loosely hanging clothes.