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Equipped Apartment Movers

When it comes to moving smaller homes like apartments and condos, the right staff with the right equipment makes all the difference. If a team shows up to a 4th floor apartment move without the right dollies and bins, the move won't just take longer and cost more, the risk of damage will be greater, too. Spine Moving has the know-how, the staff, and the equipment to make sure your apartment or condo move goes smoother than you had hoped.

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Apartment Moving

Whether you're moving a 500 square foot studio or a 3 bedroom penthouse apartment with a balcony overlooking the capitol, we've got the staff, equipment, and know-how to assist you with your move safely, efficiently, and on-budget. Elevators? Long carries? Tight dock time windows? No problem, we've got your apartment move down pat.

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Condo Moving

They say condo living is easy: no grass to mow in summer, no snow to shovel in winter, just a lightbulb or two to change now and then. But condo moving? That's a different story entirely. Adamantine Spine has the right staff and the right equipment to perform your condo move with ease and finesse.

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Up-To-Date Tool Kit

A fully-stocked, well-organized tool kit is an essential piece of equipment for experienced apartment movers. These tools help with everything from removing doors in tight hallways to disassembling that piece of exercise equipment just enough so that it will fit upstairs in the loft.


We call them two-wheelers. Nothing fancy, just a single axle with two wheels, a fork plate in front and a tall frame in back. Ours are wrapped in quilted pads to protect furniture from scratches. It makes moving via elevators and down long hallways safer and quicker.

Four-Wheel Dolly

The wonder-kid of the mover's tool kit, the four-wheel dolly (or just plain old dolly) makes it possible to roll almost anything, from a grand piano to an 8-foot-tall armoire. Put a large box (or a speed pack) on top of a dolly, load it up, and you've turned 5 or 6 trips into one.


We use lift gates on our truck to load and unload large appliances and pianos more quickly and efficiently and with less exertion.

We'll Bring All The Equipment We'll Need

We all know, there are myriad suboptimal ways to perform any given task. One example? Moving a grand piano with a friend's pick up truck. And then there's the right tool for the job at hand: A moving truck, a lift gate, and a beautifully built custom steel-frame dolly with 6 inflatable rubber wheels. Every tool we use is the best tool for the job of moving things safely and efficiently from Point A to Point B.