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Piano Moving

Your stress-free move starts with a

Movers For Your Prized Instruments

We're not just household movers who happen to move pianos. We're the exclusive provider of piano moving services for West Music in Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Quad Cities. That means we've got an entire piano moving crew, along with a specialized piano moving truck stocked with all the right equipment, to handle every piano move with pure professionalism and care. We promise, we'll take the same great care with your piano as we do when delivering a brand new Steinway 9-foot concert grand to the Englert or the Hoyt Sherman.

Moving Your Upright Piano

What's not to love about an upright piano? So much live acoustic sound taking up so little floor space in your living room. We've got the ramps, dollies, and boards to make your upright piano move smooth as its finish.

  • Spinets: Usually measuring about 3' tall and almost 5' long, these are the smallest pianos coming in at about 200-300 pounds.
  • Console: Slightly taller than the spinets, these pianos are around 3.5' tall.
  • Studio: Upwards of 4' tall, Studio pianos add about 100 additional pounds.
  • Classic or Upright Grand: The largest in the upright piano family, these guys can easily reach 500 pounds depending on the make and model.

Peace-of-Mind For Grand Piano Moves

Grand pianos are where our piano moving skills really shine. With a careful, step-by-step approach, we'll gently lower your grand piano to a padded board sized just right, remove and pad legs and lyre, perfectly prep the piano's case to avoid marring the finish, and then dolly it out the door to the truck. Then we'll just reverse the process at your piano's new home in careful step-by-step fashion. We'll even polish out any fingerprints at your new home, just to give that extra touch of care.

  • Petit Grand: Don't be fooled by the name, these pieces of art can be found at around 4.5' long. You still have to dismantle and lay them down on a board to fit through most doors.
  • Baby Grand: One of the most common pianos we come across. With hours of experience handling these pianos we know how to skillfully disassemble before moving so that your piano stays safe and secure during transit.
  • Parlour Grand: The additional weight on the Parlour makes it that much more important that you hire Spine Moving to assist you with your possession.
  • Semi-Concert/Ballroom: Easily reaching 7' long, these are just one step down from the biggest...
  • Concert Grand: Moving this 9' long piano is seriously demanding and there is nobody more qualified than Spine Moving.

Piano Moving Cover

wooden wheeled appliance dollies

Triple-Axle Piano Doly

Dual Piano Mover

wheeled furniture dolly

Piano Straps

We'll Bring All Necessary Equipment

The right tools for the task makes all the difference. And since we move pianos of all different shapes and sizes, up ramps, down stairs and across lawns and gravel, we need lots of equipment to make sure we have the right tool at the right time for the right piano. Don't worry, we've got you and your piano covered. (We cover you metaphorically, of course, but we cover your piano with nice quilted pads.)

long wheeled golly

Piano Board

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Peerless piano moving. Isn’t that Grand? 

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