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Full-Service Storage: Climate Controlled and Climate Friendly

At Adamantine Spine Moving, we do our best to take care of our customers, our co-workers, our community, and our planet. That's why we built our Iowa City warehouse to meet the highest energy-efficiency standards, from uber thick insulation to motion-controlled LED light fixtures to super efficient ground-source heat pumps for heating and cooling. And now with a 40KW rooftop solar array, we're able to provide near carbon-neutral storage for all our customers in need of green, safe, and secure short- or long-term storage.

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24-Hour Security

Your items will be safe 24 hours, 7 days a week inside our secure, video-monitored facility.

Climate Controlled

Our storage warehouse is climate-controlled using state-of-the art, environmentally friendly technology, including geothermal heating and cooling.

Green Design for the Planet

Our warehouse is built to high energy efficiency standards, with super thick insulation, geothermal radiant in-floor heat, and a 40KW rooftop solar array.

Always Included
With Our Storage

When you rent a self-storage unit, you're essentially renting a windowless apartment, one without a bathroom or kitchen mind you. Because you've rented the unit, the contents are in your possession still, and so any liability for damage is your responsibility.When you store with Spine Moving, though, your goods are in our good hands, and damage coverage is always included. You also have free use of our premium pads and crates so your things stay off the floor, fully wrapped, and maximally protected. And we're happy to pro-rate your final month so you never pay for more storage than you need!


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Moving Into Storage in
4 Stress-Free Steps


Storage Space

Your move expert will help you create a detailed move inventory so that we can provide an accurate storage and total cost estimate for your move. We charge per storage vault or by weight depending on whether you're moving locally or long distance. Our storage is available first-come, first-served so make a reservation early in the busy summer months!


Storage Prep

On load day, your crew will create a thorough inventory of all the items you're sending for storage. They'll also do an extra meticulous prep job on your furniture, since we'll be moving your things not just once but twice: first into storage, and then later to your new home.


Into Storage

Our professional team will safely load your things into portable storage containers, measuring 5 feet wide, 7 feet long, and 8 feet tall, at our climate-controlled facility. We'll label each vault, place it in our facility with our fully electric fork truck, and then track its location in our warehouse inventory system.


Moving Out Of Storage/ Delivery

On move-in day (or the day before for larger shipments) we'll remove your belongings from the your storage containers and deliver them to your home, safe and sound.

Simple Storage Solutions.
Built For You.

Long Term Storage

Adamantine Spine's full-service storage is a great option for long-term storage. We store your goods safe and secure in mobile storage containers (they don't rest directly on concrete like they would in self storage) and offer free use of our premium pads and other protective materials. With radiant in-floor heat in winter and geothermal cooling in the summer, you can be sure your goods will remain in pristine condition for the long haul.

Short Term Storage

We've got the solution for your short-term storage needs. Does your old lease end four days before your new lease begins? Or are you moving long-distance but the closing on the east coast is two weeks later than your closing here in Iowa? No problem! With our portable storage containers we can load your things safely and efficiently into the front corner of our warehouse so that we're ready to bring them right back out again when the time is right.

Environmentally Friendly Storage

We try to minimize all our environmental impacts as much as possible, including in our climate controlled storage. We built our warehouse to high energy efficiency standards with uber thick insulation, energy efficient LED lighting, and a ground source heat pump for super efficient electric heating and cooling.

Looking For Storage Near You?

Extra friendly movers with very environmentally friendly storage options for the smallest to the largest home.

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We have the climate-controlled storage solution for every size shipment for as long as you need, from just a few days to just a few years!

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