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Tyler Timp

Crew Leader

Spine Des Moines was blessed with a second dose of Timp trucker blood. Upon graduating from Iowa State University, he did that thing you wish you did and he spent ten months living in Hawaii, lounging on world-class beaches between epic hikes, and jumping off of a 50-foot cliff in the southernmost point of the U.S. He loves meeting new people and his favorite days are when the crew and customers are singing along to his refined musical tastes. He would like everyone to know that he is a new homeowner, single, and looking to settle down if there is a Mrs. Timp-to-be reading this.

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Tags For Miles

In attempt to further reduce our environmental impact, we've implemented a carbon off-set program to give you the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the environmental impact of your move.

Our Green-Initiative

As an eco-friendly moving company, we believe owning and running a business brings with it the responsibility to do right by our coworkers, our customers, our neighbors, and the environment.

Long-Distance Moves

We may be Iowa City - born, raised, and based, but long distance moves are our bread and butter. That hometown feel is what makes moving long distance with us so great - it's the comfort of moving with friends.