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With the significant public health threat posed by the Coronavirus epidemic, we’re making changes to our business to make sure our customers, our co-workers, and our extended community stay safe and healthy.

First, and perhaps most importantly, our employees know that should they exhibit any signs of illness that they’re required to stay home and legally entitled to fully-paid sick leave for the duration of any care-provider-recommended quarantine. The best way to keep our community safe is to isolate ourselves, especially when we’re feeling sick. Simply put, if one us doesn’t feel well we will stay home and receive full pay for protecting the public health.

We’re also strongly encouraging all coworkers to follow CDC-recommended guidelines, including frequent hand washing and social distancing when off the job, to prevent possible infection. Our crews will not only be practicing good hand hygiene before, during, and after every move, but they’ll also be issued a fresh pair of rubberized work gloves every morning. Not all experts recommend ordinary gloves as an infection-control measure, but those who do suggest that gloves are likely to help prevent us from touching our faces, one common path of virus transmission. In addition, when we put them on or take them off, gloves provide excellent reminder triggers for hand washing.

We’ve also issued cloth face masks to all employees and they’re required to wear these face masks while in your home. If you have a face mask for your own use, we request that you wear it during the move to provide maximum protection for all.

We're also implementing more stringent warehouse and equipment cleaning and sanitizing protocols: we’ll be sanitizing truck and equipment surfaces daily, like hand rails, steering wheels, and GPS screens, and stepping up our overall cleaning and disinfection regimen at our warehouse.

Last but not least, we’re requesting your help. We ask that you please designate one person to handle all on-site interaction with our crew and distance any other family members that will be on site. In addition, if other workers (like painters/cable installers/home audio technicians) will be servicing your home, please stagger appointments so that we don't overlap with them during your move. Our goal is to keep on-site person-to-person contacts to the absolute minimum required to complete your move so that we can conform as close as possible to CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines.

Like you, we’re learning more about what measures are appropriate in response to this public health emergency as time goes on. Please know that we’re in this together, and that the health and safety of all of us is our top priority. Thank you again for your trust in us, and please reach out with any questions or concerns.