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Adamantine Spine’s Iowa City movers have been ranked highest among local movers for many years. The entire Adamantine Spine Moving crew is full of people who love Eastern Iowa and want to help make your transition moving to or from the Iowa City, Coralville, or North Liberty area as smooth as possible.

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Our Iowa City Location

Our Iowa City location is our headquarters. This is where you’ll most likely see the friendly faces of Adamantine Spine if you’re interested in setting up a meeting. If you have any questions about your move, you can contact us at anytime.

Our Iowa City History

Adamantine Spine Moving has been a part of the Iowa City community for decades. When it changed hands in 2002 to current co-owner, Eric Jones, he had a vision and passion to bring honest and reliable moving services to the people of Iowa City. Not long after, he brought on co-owner William (Bill) Hoke, and the two have worked tirelessly (and, let's be honest, sometimes tiredly) to be the kind of employers and business our community can be proud of.

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Moving to Iowa City?

Sometimes, a few little reminders can go a long way. Here are some tips and tricks for getting your new home in Iowa City ready for move-in (after we bring the boxes, of course!)


In Iowa’s unpredictable weather, you’ll want to have your electricity in place to have your air conditioning and heating available when you need it most. Iowa City’s most popular energy companies are:

Local School Districts

It’s important to make informed decisions about the neighborhood you move into, especially when you have school-aged kids. If you have already bought your Iowa City home, or you are interested in the school district, here are the boundaries for the Iowa City Community School District:


Getting your utilities set up with the City of Iowa City is just a few clicks away. Learn more about turning on your water here.


Finding the perfect Internet or cable provider in Iowa City is an important decision. The coverage that these service providers offer may vary based on your location. We recommend that you invest the time to make the right choice. Here are a few providers that you could consider as you do your research:

Popular Things To Do

Iowa City is more than just a college town, it’s a welcoming community filled with art, music, and literature. It hosts many fun, family-friendly activities all year round that you will want to keep tabs on. When you are looking for something to do, here are a few resources to help you in your search:

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Planning A Move From Iowa City?

There are a few things that you’ll want to get taken care of before you make the jump. Many can be adjusted online, over the phone or in person.

Changing Mailing Address

Check in with the US Postal Service to officially change your address. From there, you’ll also want to set a forwarding address for any mail that might still come to your old Iowa City address. Make sure to check in with any institutions that might send you a monthly bill, and be sure to change your address with them as well.

Updating Drivers License
And License Plate

The DMV website is the best place to find out the best way to update your license depending on where you move to. You’ll also want to update your license plate and tag information, which can also be done via the DMV’s website.

Turning Off/Transferring Utilities

Turning off your utilities in your Iowa City home should be done through the City of Iowa City’s website. If you’re interested in turning off or transferring your electricity, you’ll have to contact your service provider which is most likely MidAmerican Energy or Alliant Energy.

Transferring Internet/Cable

Double check with your Iowa City Internet service providerto see if they have service in your area. If they do, make sure that your account information gets transferred to your new location. If not, make sure it gets turned off the moment you won’t be needing Internet any longer. Those bills add up quickly and they might be able to pro-rate your final bill if you end your service in the middle of the month!

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