William (Bill) Hoke


An only child, Bill was raised on a farm just outside Mount Vernon, IA where he dug bunkers, fixed things, blew other things up, and generally learned how to keep himself entertained. He attended the University of Iowa where he majored in European History, had a band called Billy Howke and The Hoax, and made a narrowly unsuccessful run for student senate with the powerful slogan, “I’d vote for you if you were running.”

He runs an annual Thanksgiving marathon from Iowa City back to the Hoke Farm in Mt. Vernon called the WHATDAM, which stands for the William Hoke Annual Thanksgiving Day Marathon (he always wins since he’s the only runner), tends a giant garden in his back yard that’s usually pretty squash-centric, and has visited well over 90% of the counties in the U.S. You can find him every Sunday at 9:30AM at the Motley Cow‘s brunch buffet.

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